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This website has been created to provide information about our families. Hopefully, the information and photos will let us keep up with each other in an easy, relaxed manner.

Mary Ann and I are truly blessed to be the parents of such loving, talented and unique individuals in our blended family. 

Because of distance and circumstance, the opportunities for all of us to meet and socialize are limited. Therefore, hopefully, this website can provide some background about all of us now and become a place we refer to in the future as we all grow, age and prosper.

In no way has any content meant to offend and/or embarrass anyone. If this caveat has been breached, please contact me immediately and I will remedy the situation.

No pressing need or emergency prompted this website creation. Just an idea that sounded like fun. As I progressed with planning, creation and content, my enthusiasm grew as to what it was but more importantly, what it could be. It really belongs to all of us!




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